The virtue of HERITAGE SPA is to transform your beauty care into the exeptional tailor-made event created just for you and you alone.


Here at HERITAGE SPA , mental clarity is as vital to your wellness as your physical condition. Developed in coordination with international beauty experts, our tailored Beauty and Body programs will provide the ultimate experience.

Each of your treatments are highlighted by natural plants’ extracts and aromatic restorative oils. They will leave you feeling relaxed, content and deliciously pampered.

Our exigency made us choose the best cosmetique brands such as Les sens de Marrakech, NECTAROME,et O.P.I.


HERITAGE SPA pleasantly surprises its visitors. Nothing can tell that behind these high walls in this small calm passage in the heart of the old Medina of Marrakech hides such a jewel.

We wanted this place to become an invitation to relaxation where every corner opens your eyes unexpected wonders. Richly decorated the spa was created for you to dive into unique space and enjoy atmosphere of peace and tranquility.