HERITAGE SPA takes you down an exotic pathway to holistic well-being in a paradise of healing sensuality. Diagnostic taken before your treatment allows us correctly define your personal therapy treatment.


Traditional and Authentic
45 min | 350 dh
This magic detox treatment for the entire body, exfoliates using black soap with eucalyptus essential oil giving softness, purification as well as incomparable freshness to your body. The deep cleansing mask of rhassoul of seven plants completes the treatment by giving your skin extreme smoothness and tenderness.
Rejuvenating Royal Dream Hammam
50 min | 400 dh
An opulent spa ritual featuring the natural beauty and healing properties of roses and organic essential oils. Enjoy an all-over exfoliation with traditional black soap to leave your skin wonderfully smooth and soft. Cocooned in a rose clay wrap, enjoy the feeling of healing and rejuvenation; while your feet enjoy a sea salt scrub. Let your hair be enriched with the magic blend of argan oil and the essential oil of ylang-ylang, giving your hair stronger structure with softness and vital brilliance.


Holistic massage
1H | 550 dh
A fully personalized treatment based on your needs and desired result. Therapists take into consideration the pressure you desire and the specified areas of your concern to relieve muscle tension and to bring about the balanced, calm and stress-free state of well-being.
Tension Recovery massage
1H | 550 dh
A reviving back, neck, shoulders and foot massage to relieve muscle tension and restore mobility
Anti-ageing Renewal Elasticity Body Care
1H | 650 dh
This treatment aims not only to relax your muscles, but enrich and renew your body's skin. A smooth, buttery formula that brings together benefits of argan oil, neroli, beeswax and prickly pear serum renew skin elasticity, resulting in energized and youthful-looking body skin.
Precious hot stones massage
1H | 600 dh
This full body massage uses heated stones to release stress and tension and increase blood flow to the affected areas. The heat from the stones provides the extra relaxation and a healing effect for fatigued and overworked muscles. It is also known to promote better sleep.
Spicy Herbal Bags Massage
1H | 600 dh
Luxuriate with a full body massage using warm herbal bags which contain lavender, turmeric and eucalyptus to soothe muscles and achieve peace of mind. These are applied to pressure points. It is also known to promote better sleep.
Detox slimming massage
1H | 550 dh (Special price for purchase of several sessions)
An energizing massage, mostly focusing on the upper leg, glutes, hips and lower back. This treatment aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce fluid retention.
Sublime 4 hands massage
1H | 850 dh
A dream catcher 4 hands massage which simultaneously unties the muscles tension and restores your energy and spirit. A comforting massage combined with the benefits of argan oil and essential oil to enhance your skin.
Relaxing Foot massage
30 min | 250 dh
Restore the body’s balance and release aches and reflex with this signature treatment using a fusion of massage techniques on the meridian lines of the legs and zones of the feet


The restorative effects of the spa’s natural environment along with holistic treatments are key to a truly relaxing state of mind and body. HERITAGE SPA offers deeply holistic treatments which combine the power of essential oils with the best of western and eastern massage techniques to create the feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind. These rituals were carefully created to offer you healing sensuality, relaxation and rejuvenation according to the nature of your demand and desire.


2h30 min | 1900 dh
Unwind together and awaken your senses with this revitalizing journey including a body scrub and wrap in hammam followed by personalized massage and aromatherapy facial or relaxing foot massage.
2x Tradition and Authenticity Hammam 45min
2x Holistic massage or tension recovery massage 60 min
1x Facial according to the skin type 45 min
1x Relaxing foot massage 30 min


Refreshing Detox
1h45 min | 700 dh
This stress relieving ritual starts with an entire body exfoliation giving your skin softness and purification. Followed by a fully personalized (holistic) massage based on your needs and desired result, allowing your body to release body tension.
Tradition and Authenticity Hammam 45 min
Holistic massage 60 min
Jet-Lag Tension Soother
1h45 min | 700 dh
This recovery and re-balancing treatment combines purification hammam and massage to recover tension, revive circulation and reset the internal clock.
Tradition and Authenticity Hammam 45 min
Tension Recovery back, neck and shoulders and feet massage 60 min
Anti-ageing Renewal Elasticity Full Body Care
1h50 min | 800 dh
Designed to firm and hydrate the body's skin using organic natural products of Morocco. This full body treatment starts with a full body scrub in hammam using argan black soap and followed by rhassoul body wrap enriched with rose extracts and concludes with full body care using the mixture of argan oil and essential oil of neroli, beeswax and serum of prickly pear to renew and firm the body skin.
Rejuvenating Royal Dream hammam 50 min
Anti-ageing Renewal Elasticity Body Massage 1h
Deeply Reconstructive Wellness
1h45 min | 750 dh
Indulge in the magic of traditional Moroccan hammam ritual with black soap exfoliation and 7 plants volcanic body wrap combined with a Thai traditional hot herbal bags massage to induce the sense of well-being.
Tradition and Authenticity Hammam 45 min
Spicy Herbal Bags Massage 60 min or Precious hot stones massage 60 min
Sublime Relaxation
1h 45 min | 950 dh
A pleasure treatment that combines the full body exfoliation with Moroccan black soap and rhassoul body mask followed by 4 hands massage liberating your mind and giving a feeling of lightness and general well-being.
Tradition and Authenticity Hammam 45 min
Sublime 4 hands massage 60 min


Pure Bliss and Total Detox Beauty Care
2h 30 min | 1050 dh
This complete body treatment is designed to accomplish your needs and desires. We adapt our treatments to your body and mind needs. Compose your restorative journey - choose the hammam and follow your relaxation with totally personalized massage. Finish your relaxation journey with a blissful aroma therapeutic facial. Give yourself a treat.
Tradition and Authenticity Hammam or Slimming Detox hammam 45min
Holistic massage 60 min
Aroma therapeutic facial according to the skin type 45 min
Complete Anti-Ageing and Hydrating Body and Face Care
1300 dh
Designed to soothe nourish and repair your skin; with a rejuvenating body exfoliation with argan soap and soothing rose clay mask for body and ylang ylang oil mask for hair, hydrate and renew your skin tonicity with serum of prickly pear massage and restore the fine lines with an intensely calming and restorative facial to revitalize the ageing skin.
Rejuvenating Royal Dream Hammam 50 min
Special firming body care 60 min
Complete anti-ageing face treatment based on prickly pear oil with eye-lip-neck focus 50min


Revitalizing and moisturizing with argan oil and anti-ageing algae mask
45 min | 450 dh
Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E and sea salt minerals; this facial revitalizes your skin leaving your skin soft and full of energy.
Balanced and radiant with argan oil and peel –off rhassoul mask
45 min | 450 dh
With extracts of lemon, rosemary and rhassoul, this facial balances your skin due to its astringent and absorbent properties
Soothing and softening with argan oil and white clay kaolin mask
45 min | 450 dh
This treatment offers the best results for stressed and sensitive skin with argan oil and a soothing mask of white kaolin clay.
Complete anti-ageing face treatment based on prickly pear oil with eye-lip-neck focus
55 min | 550 dh
Hydrate your skin, plump fine lines and wrinkles with hyaluronic acid of prickly pear, marine extracts of laminaria, spirulina algaes and argan oil. This face massage leaves the skin visibly refreshed with a radiant glow.


Beauty for hands
200 dh
Manicure including gentle scrub of the hands and soothing mask of white clay finishing with OPI nail polish.
Beauty for feet
250 dh
Pedicure including foot treatment involving clearing of nails and heels, gentle scrub and soothing mask with finishing with OPI nail polish.